Spring 2022



Abdulmueed Balogun | I Feel Like Writing

Jennifer Bullis | Look to the Sky and Shake Your Head

Lauren Hyunseo Cho | Stings of Insects & Atlant(is)

Dennis Cummings | Parasite

Javan Howard | Give Me One Reason: An Erasure Poem for Survival

Courtney Ludwick | On Why It Matters What You Call a Thing

Daniel Edward Moore | Last Time We Called it the Last Vacation & We Tend...

L.I. Henley & Laura Maher | Unknowingly/ winter evenings & Find Name, Road Home

Annie Przypyszny | Sometimes I Dream About Whales

Evy Shen | where to find me in the waning of touch

Ashley Somwaru | To My Aunt Who Can't Read

Jeddie Sophronius | Altar & Edge of Heaven

Nancy White | Nerve & The Fact

Cover art: "Untitled" by Mario Loprete
Spring 2022