Spring 2021



Mary Birnbaum | Radiology

Spencer Chang | Ghost Stories (I) & (II)

Mark Gosztyla | #59a & #74a

Derek Graf | There Are No Birds in My House

Karah Kemmerly | resurrecting my past self has done a number on the linoleum

Robert Krantz | Hydrangea & Hum

John Muellner | Sea Glass

Steve Nickman | I Wonder if He Thought & Hide and Seek

Delaney R. Whitebird Olmo | Dear Ancestors & Four Cups

Radoslav Rochallyi | RTAW & The Pregnant Lie

Eric Roy | Cartoon Obvious

Stan Sanvel Rubin | How It Works

Claire Scott | In Which My Mother Teaches Me

Elyse Thomas | for sky-soft brown boys & Self-Portrait of Mixed & Water

Matthew Wallenstein | Weather Report & Foster Care

Hannah Wells | I Could Say

Cover art: "Light Music #9" by Roger Camp
Spring 2021