Fall 2021



Amy Bagwell | cartomancy & such a moon

Moriah Bray | Lesbiennes Tragiques

Andrew K. Clark | Pollination

Alice Fritz | Elegy for a Reprieve

Halsey Hyer | Boy Loses Body & Boy Learns Pussy

Robert Krut | Watch Me Trick Ghosts & other poems

Kelli Lage | A Teacher's View

James Miller | Incapacitants

Fasasi Abdulrosheed Oladipupo | Happiness

Sarah Oso | Secrets & Self-portrait as Dragon

Bryan Price | The Pocket Stoics & other poems

Kolbe Riney | reference

Will Russo | You Sink You Glow

Marta Shaffer | Synchronize & Open Prayer to David Bowie

William Snyder, Jr. | Sylvilagus Pissofficus Villanellavus & Weighing Fargo

James Swansbrough | Your Gender Revealed a World on Fire & Walden Log Homes

Abby Wheeler | Solstice & The Tug

Cover art: "Pale as a Casket of Pollen" by Bill Wolak
Fall 2021