Fall 2019



Ben Aguilar | Let Me Rephrase That

Kristen Berger | Venus Comb

Carl Boon | There's Always Been Before

Kari Despain | If Anyone Got Her

Hollie Dugas | Alchemy's Darling

Kathryn Fitzpatrick | Outside the Last Dyke Bar... & Convenience Store

Juan Camillo Garza | Sabbath, What Belongs to Us & Untitled

Carrie George | New Spring

Laura G. Goetz | Seedling & Monsoon Season

Amy Hsieh | Parabole

Rebecca Macijeski | Theories of Opening... & Theories of Imagination

Anika Malhotra | nanay

Cecil Morris | I couldn't help myself

Janice Northerns | Tongues of Men and Angels

stephanie roberts | Bourbon Moon

Nicole Scott | Mother of Wolves

SM Stubbs | Tender

Jennifer Thal | We All Had One

Tiffany L. Thomas | autopoiesis

Fall 2019