Fall 2022



Gale Acuff | Nobody loves me and they never did & Nobody loves me like they ought to or

Joanne Allred | Animal Rescue & Another Life

Julia C. Alter | Non-Monogamy (Bad Reasons)

Byron Fountain | Vecino Movie House, 1973

Bill Hollands | Float

Emily Jacko | dinner table script

Pete Miller | A Place Unfit & From the Everybody's People Little Free Library

Patricia Colleen Murphy | One Slip of Cotton Away from Naked

Kait Quinn | I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

Jacob Reina | A Disgraced War Veteran Finishes His Exile

Edward Sage | Wondrous Deeds

Claire Scott | Still Life with Tennis Racquet

Alison Terjek | I Want to Unsubscribe, but Instead

Gabriela Valencia | Restraint

Andrew Vogel | Sacrifice

John Walser | Your Planter's Hands & Let's Not Rush

Cover art: "One Kiss Closer to Quivering" by Bill Wolak
Fall 2022